Numbrs Now Supports Podcasts

Numbrs is happy to announce its support to Kassenzone as our first step in sponsoring podcasters.

The rise of podcasting

Whether you listen to them while getting ready, on your way to work, or even at work… podcasts are a great way to get your daily dose of information and insights.
It is easy to understand why podcasting is now one of the fastest growing digital media in Germany.

The appeal of podcasts comes from its quasi unlimited inventory covering a broad range of popular topics such as news, politics, music, business, sports.. as well as extremely niche topics.

Another factor that explains podcasts increasing popularity, is that it’s never been easier to start your own. With apps such as anchor, you can start your own podcast within minutes from your phone. This allows for a plethora of smaller podcasts to coexist with podcasts with higher production value such as NPR, Vox media, Forbes…

Numbrs podcast sponsoring

Regardless, podcasts provide useful information to listeners and are free for the most part. Since 2014, Numbrs has also been focused on providing great value to its users for free. Thus we are happy to announce that we have started sponsoring podcasts.

We are kicking things off with Kassenzone, a podcast hosted by Alexander Graf. The podcast provides valuable insights into e-commerce with interviews from current CEOs and directors from the industry.
With over 30,000 monthly visitors on the blog and 5,000 listeners per episode, Kassenzone is one one the most popular and respected podcasts in Germany.

We are pleased with this partnership, and supporting podcasters to provide quality content to their listeners.

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