Numbrs now available in the UK

We are excited to announce the release of the Numbrs app in UK. Starting today, UK users will be able to download the Numbrs app for free in the Android and iOS stores.

Following the release of Numbrs in Germany in April 2014, the United Kingdom will become the second country where our app will be available.

Numbrs is neither a bank nor a comparison service

We are 100% bank-independent and do not make recommendations. With the Numbrs app, you can manage your finances independently and make your own decisions. This independence ensures that our main interest lies in putting you back in control of your finances.

What features does Numbrs offer?

The most popular bank-independent finance app in Germany arrived in the UK and this is what the app has got to offer:

  • Multi Banking. Manage as many bank accounts as you have in a single app.
  • Timeline. With the Timeline, you can keep all your transactions, including future ones — in check. You can also filter your accounts.
  • Analysis. Plan your budgets, assign your transactions to different categories, and receive notifications.
  • Notification. Receive notifications about your transactions, the status of your budgets as well as standing orders and future transactions.
  • Apple Watch. All your account data, Timeline functions and notifications can also be viewed on your Apple Watch

Which banks are supported?

Numbrs supports the majority of UK banks:

We will continue to add new banks to our app. Please check our website for further updates.

We are here to stay

We will be positioning Numbrs gradually on the UK market and work our way forward step by step. The next couple of months are going to be particularly exciting for us. We’re looking forward to the challenge of introducing the UK to the future of banking.

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