Numbrs launches first print ad in Switzerland

For the first time in our company’s history, we are launching a print advertisement in a Swiss magazine. This friday, a double-page add will be showcasing Numbrs in Bilanz, one of the best-known business magazines in Switzerland. The fact that our company headquarters is also located in Zurich makes this a particularly exciting occasion for us. the ideal business platform

The ad showcases Numbrs as an ideal business platform for our partner banks. Swiss Banks and financial institutes are encouraged to take advantage of our Numbrs Store in order to offer their products to German customers. Furthermore, we offer banks several additional ways to collaborate with us.

This includes, for example, advertising their products through an extensive marketing campaign, as well as letting banks offer the Numbrs app as their official banking app. Beyond that, we also provide a video identification system completely free of charge to banks, which offer their products in our Numbrs Store. As of right now, however, we are not yet planning to release the app in Switzerland, as we want to focus on the German and UK market.

Our print ad is intended to raise awareness about this offer among potential partner banks. And the publication of this ad is only the beginning. We are currently evaluating whether to continue publishing advertisements in Switzerland on a continuous basis.

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