Numbrs Care. On to a bigger and better version…

We temporarily removed Numbrs Care from the Numbrs App to further improve the offering.

Launching Numbrs Care

Back in January 2019, we released Numbrs Care, a brand new kind of insurance product that combined 8 insurance products into a single insurance package. The package included travel insurance, online shopping protection, ATM robbery, and more… all products provided by a leading insurance provider AXA.

Numbrs care also offered a unique subscription model with a simple monthly subscription of only €5.99 that users could stop at any point.

To top things up, the insurance package, was available directly in our application, with an application time under 2 minutes!

Numbrs Care’s Future

Launching an innovative product such as Numbrs Care always comes with a lot of learnings. Since January we have learnt a lot from our users and how to improve the product.

And the future of Numbrs Care is bright. In the background, we are already working with our partners to further improve the product and add new features.

So stay tuned for more information on Numbrs Care, or download Numbrs to experience the best banking application.

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