Numbrs Brasil continues to spark interest

It has been almost a year since we have launched the Numbrs Brasil blog, and Numbrs continues to closely investigate the Brazilian market. An emerging market like the brazilian offers many interesting opportunities for growing technology companies like Numbrs. Therefore we launched the Numbrs blog in Brazil which provides the possibility to communicate with the Brazilian people and getting to know the local conditions.

Positive Feedback for the Numbrs Brasil Blog

Although the economy is growing, there are still challenges for the individual in the Brazilian economy and being mindful of one’s finances is therefore crucial. With our weekly blog post, we aim to provide useful saving tips and financial insights. The positive feedback tells us that our efforts are appreciated.

Four Blog Posts on Budget Planning in the Brazilian Economy

These are just a few examples of the insightful blog posts published weekly on Medium and the Numbrs Brasil Facebook page.

The Potential of The flourishing Brazilian Market

With a transaction value of US$50.401m in 2018 and an expected growth rate of 13.9% annually, Brazil holds the 10th place of the fastest growing countries in the digital banking segment.

Numbrs is looking into local demand for financial products and possible partnerships with Brazilian and international banks. We are excited about the prospect and the potential to make Numbrs available in Brazil and help millions of Brazilian users take control of their finances in a simple and intuitive way, as we continue to do for so many users in Germany and the UK.

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