Numbrs and TrueLayer team up to improve financial management with Open Banking

The partnership will enable Numbrs users in the UK to manage all their accounts and crypto wallets via the app.

TrueLayer, a leading provider of financial APIs, has partnered with the Multi Banking App Numbrs to offer Open Banking services to Numbrs users in the UK. 

The integration, which uses TrueLayer’s Data and Payment APIs, will enable Numbrs’ users to consolidate all their external bank accounts in one place so that they can manage their savings targets, control automated spending limits and receive other helpful analyses for all their finances. Numbrs’ users will also be able to use Payment Initiation to make payments without leaving the app.

The Numbrs app provides a range of financial analysis features to help people achieve their financial goals across all their accounts, crypto wallets and loyalty cards. Users are also provided with a data driven analysis of their financial situation and individual recommendations for optimising their personal finances, based on their specific needs. 

The partnership will enable Numbrs and TrueLayer to work together to develop broader Open Finance based tools that help give people greater control and visibility over their spending and wealth.

Numbrs moved to a full public launch in the UK in July after successfully completing its beta programme. 

Fynn Kreuz, Managing Partner at Numbrs, said: “We are excited to release the Numbrs App now to the millions of UK users who are frustrated with their current experience of managing their personal finances. We have created a mobile, fast and very easy way to manage all accounts and even crypto wallets in just one app. The partnership with TrueLayer supports this goal. ”

Francesco Simoneschi, CEO and co-founder of TrueLayer, said: “A lot of people’s wallets are bursting at the seams with credit cards, store cards and cards from neobanks. While this is indicative of growing financial freedom and choice, it also adds a layer of complication to our finances. Add in loans, insurances, and a host of other regular financial commitments and the picture can get quite messy. This is where an innovative app like Numbrs combined with Open Banking can make all the difference. 

“By consolidating accounts in a painless way, and then providing a host of tools to help people budget and plan, Numbrs is helping people to maintain control while they enjoy the freedoms of the financial revolution. We’re delighted to work with Numbrs and look forward to helping them create even more Open Banking based services for their customers.”  

TrueLayer’s partnership with Numbrs follows its recent expansion into the Republic of Ireland with Revolut and approval by the Cabinet Office to provide Open Banking services to Government departments.

About TrueLayer

TrueLayer is the leading technology company providing secure, global access to financial infrastructure. Developers use our APIs to build best-in-class products that securely access data and initiate payments in real-time. Founded in 2016, TrueLayer is connected to major banks across the world, backed by leading venture capital including Tencent and Temasek, and trusted by some of the biggest names in fintech including Monzo, ClearScore, Revolut, and Zopa. By making the power of Open Banking accessible on our platform, TrueLayer enables developers across any industry — from startups to enterprises — to reinvent financial services.

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