Notifications — Stay on Top of Your Finances with Numbrs

In this blog post, we want to share handy tips on how to make the best out of the notifications feature to help you manage your finances as smoothly as possible.

We have improved the settings menu for notifications to make it easier to adjust your notifications to your personal needs. Here is a quick guide on how to effectively use notifications in our new layout:

Banking Notifications

Allowing notifications enables Numbrs to inform you about your banking situation, such as a daily summary of your incomes and expenses. To set up your notifications, you can find the notifications menu in the “more” section of the app.

You will only receive notifications for those bank accounts for which you have saved your pin. If you wish to receive notifications, go to the more menu and activate “save pin”. You can choose if you want to receive notifications for all of your banks or specific ones.

  • Display Amounts: This option is separated in incomes and expenses. Either option can be enabled or disabled individually.
  • Daily Summary: Receive a daily summary of your bank transactions of the previous day if you’ve made at least one.
  • Upcoming Payment: This notification informs you prior to a scheduled payment.Select the timing of this notification from 1 to 5 days ahead of the payment which is very valuable for planning ahead and not spending too much.
  • Low Balance Alert: Receive a notification when your balance is low. You can set the threshold amount for which you want to receive this notification.
  • Budget Alert: Budget Spending at 80 %: This option informs you when you are about to reach your budget.
  • Budget Alert: Budget Spending Exceeded: Receive a notification if you’ve exceeded your budget. This is a great way to avoid overdrawing your account which often leads to high fees.
  • Chat Notifications: Receive a notification when you receive a new chat message from the Money Store or Support Chat. This is helpful if you are waiting for a response to a request without having to check the chat frequently.
  • Product Offers: Numbrs is always adding new products to the Money Store with exclusive offers. If you don’t want to miss out on our limited time offers, turn on this notification.

A Worry-Free Financial Life

The key to creating wealth is being aware of your financial situation. With the Numbrs notification feature, you are always in the know about your finances which allows you to make the best financial situations. Planning becomes easy, and you never have to worry about missing important payments, overdrawing your account or failing to reach your saving goals.

Your feedback is highly valued. Let us know in the comments section about your experience with Numbrs or banking in general. We will read and answer all of your comments individually.

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