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New: Manage your standing orders with Centralway Numbrs

We are delighted to present our newest feature: “Standing Orders”.

The users of our banking App Centralway Numbrs can now comfortably and safely manage their standing orders, including planning, creation and deletion. This comes as a reaction to the many user requests we have had for this feature. The standing orders feature is now available in the App.

And this is how it works:

Creating Standing Orders

A standing order can help you manage regular payments, such as your monthly rent or leasing payments, by automating these so you don’t forget. Simply choose the payment date, add the amount and recipients’ bank details and create the standing order with Centralway Numbrs.

Delete Standing Orders

You can also delete standing orders which are not needed anymore. With erroneous transfers it can be cumbersome to get the money returned to your account. You can now, with very little effort, delete your standing orders directly in the App.

Download for free:

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