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Know What You Have Left to Spend – And How to Bridge a Financial Bottleneck

Nothing in life is certain. If anything, that’s what the last couple of months have taught us. But there may be something else, which can be taken away from these times of uncertainty – being prepared for the unexpected requires a well-planned budget.

As much as we’d like to dismiss this as old-fashioned, budgeting smartly not only gives you the freedom to make certain purchases whenever you like to, or go on holidays wherever you want to, it means going into the unknown with confidence. If you are in control over your finances and you have budgeted wisely, you will be on the safe side, no matter what lies ahead. And because this isn’t always easy to do, it is exactly where the Numbrs App can help you with two great features.

Our “Left to spend” Feature

Our 'Left to spend' feature automatically tracks all your expenses for you and simply tells you how much you have left to spend in one number. Not only does this support you in reaching your financial goals or help you to make your daily purchase decisions, it puts you in control over your finances at any time. For the case that you may still need to bridge a financial bottleneck, it is seamlessly connected to our latest budget feature “+ Money”.

Our “+ Money” Feature

The Numbrs algorithm automatically detects when your budget could run low and lets you apply for an attractive loan quickly and easily. Not only is the application completed in 3 steps, the loan can be paid out in as little as 2 working days. This makes the ‘+ Money’ feature one the most convenient loans on the market.

As we are not a bank nor do we offer our own financial products, we have partnered with Süd-West-Kreditbank Finanzierung GmbH (SWK) to make this possible - a leading German credit bank which has received several awards for financial services and customer satisfaction.

How Our Budget Features Work

The 'Left to spend' feature is located directly on the home screen. The amount under the green circle shows you how much money you have left to spend.

By default, Numbrs detects your salary and calculates your remaining amount by deducting your expenses and upcoming payments. This way you only see what you can really afford to spend.

Alternatively, the Numbrs App lets you set your own budget – in case you plan on saving a specific amount each month. On top of that you can exclude categories from impacting the calculation. This way, you can choose which transactions are relevant to your budget.

Should you ever spend more than your budget allows, the circle on the home screen simply turns red. In this case your expenses have exceeded your budget for that month. This is where our smart algorithms come into play.

Should the Numbrs app detect that your resources are running low, your eligibility for an attractive loan is checked automatically and the ‘+ Money’ icon on your Homescreen becomes available. From there, you can apply for your loan in just 3 easy steps. First tap the '+ Money' icon on your Homescreen, then enter a loan amount between 1.000 € and 7.500 €, lastly review the terms for your loan and apply. 

Your application is then reviewed by our partner SWK Bank, who will guide you through any further steps. Should your application be successful, your loan amount will be paid out in as little as 2 working days.

Stay On Course With Your Financial Targets

Whatever your goals may be – Numbrs helps you to maintain a healthy financial life. So whenever you are unsure, whether a purchase is within your budget, whether you should save or even consider a loan, simply check your remaining amount for that month. Our goal is for you to stay on course with your financial targets.

If you are interested in managing all your finances with one single app, simply try out Numbrs. It is available on iOS as well as Android and comes for free on both systems.


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