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Just one number – how ‘Left to spend’ helps you make smarter financial decisions

That great looking dress, those shiny new sneakers or that wish list flat screen on sale – certain items simply beg the question, whether we can – or should – really afford them. Even if you carefully plan your expenses, there is always the factor of the unknown. Household repairs, car troubles or even a spontaneous visit by old friends are rarely budgeted in advance.

In fact, only 2 out of 3 Germans manage to put aside any money at the end of the month. A trend, which has emerged in recent years. Although this may have various causes, one of the biggest hurdles in saving money or knowing whether a purchase is reasonable, is tracking and monitoring your expenses. 

This is where the Numbrs App can help you. Our 'Left to spend' feature automatically tracks all your expenses for you and simply tells you how much you have left to spend in just one number. Not only does this support you in reaching your financial goals, but also helps you to make your daily purchase decisions.  

How it works

The 'Left to spend' feature is located directly on the home screen. The amount under the green circle shows you how much money you have left to spend.

By default, Numbrs detects your salary and calculates your remaining amount by deducting your expenses and upcoming payments. This way you only see what you can really afford to spend.

Alternatively, the Numbrs App lets you set your own budget. In case, you plan on saving a specific amount each month. On top of that you can exclude categories from impacting the calculation. This way, you can choose which transactions are relevant to your budget.

Should you ever spend more than your budget allows, the circle on the home screen simply turns red. In this case your expenses have exceeded your budget in that month.

Whatever it is, that you have set your eyes on – Numbrs helps you to maintain a healthy financial life. So whenever you are unsure, whether a purchase is within your budget, simply check your remaining amount left to spend for that month and stay on course with your financial targets.


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