It’s official. We have a new company name

Almost one month ago we announced that we intend to simplify and unify the name of the app and the name of our company. The company was founded in 1999 originally under the name of “Centralway Holding”. In the course of time, the object of the organisation changed a few times and with it the name. From the moment the banking app was launched in April 2014, the brand name Numbrs has probably been the best-known term associated with the product and is the most precise word to describe our business activities.

Over the last few weeks, we renamed the social media channels, changed the logos within the app, and adjusted the TV-Spot to air in the name of Numbrs. Today, we are pleased to announce that the company name has officially been changed from “Centralway Numbrs” to “Numbrs Personal Finance AG”, as reflected in our commercial register entry.

We decided to include the term “Personal Finance” in our company name, because the app Numbrs should be a hub to manage all your financial decisions and activities in one place.

We are now in the process of adjusting the company name on all relevant company material, for example by changing the logo that is hanging on the outer facade of our Headquarters or on our stationery. The change of the company name also requires us to adjust some legal documents, to update the terms and conditions to reflect the new company name, and to inform all of our external suppliers.

Operationally, nothing will change. The change of our company name simply enables us to display a unified brand appearance and connects the objective of our company with the purpose of the mobile banking app.

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