Improvement of the Analysis Feature: Exclude Internal Transfers

We are happy to present an important improvement of the Numbrs app.

Solved: Internal Transfers between your accounts.

If you send money from your current account to your savings account, you are technically spending and receiving money, but in reality, your total wealth remains the same.

The same thing is the case for transfers from your current account to your credit card account. Although you are transferring money from your current account, you aren’t spending money you are only raising your credit card limit.

Internal transfers are often classified as income or expenditure, which reduces the accuracy of the analysis of your finances. Many users have informed us about this issue.

We are happy to inform our users that we have solved this problem. From now on users of the Numbrs app can easily exclude internal transfers as well as any other category from the analysis function, be it in income or spending. Any category excluded from analysis will no longer count towards the totals.

How to apply the new feature:

The new feature provides you with an easy way to exclude internal transfers or any category from your Analysis giving you a better way of tailoring it to your needs. Internal transfers between two of your accounts can easily removed from Analysis by excluding the corresponding category. Here’s how to apply the new feature:

  1. Please select either the income or the spending category within the Analysis Feature
  2. In the next screen, select the category you would like to remove from the Analysis
  3. At the bottom of your screen, you will now see a switch named “Exclude this category from total”. Tap on the switch to exclude the selected category from your Analysis.

Thanks for your feedback

We are continually working on making the functions of the app better and through this, improve the quality of Numbrs. This is why we are grateful for all feedback and every suggestion from our users.

We read and collect every single user request and create a priority list. The most wanted requests are then picked up by our teams who develop a new feature according to our high-quality standards.

We will continue to closely listen to the requests of our users and are happy to develop the best banking for them.

The new feature is now available for all iOS users. For all Android users, the feature will be available in the upcoming weeks.

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