Improved Analysis Function through Machine Learning

Every feature of Numbrs was designed to help the user manage their finances in a more convenient manner and to provide the necessary assistance when making decisions that have a financial impact. We are continuously working on developing and improving the existing functions and our team is currently focused on improving the Analysis feature.

The redesigned Analysis feature will allow our users to learn even more about their financial situation in the future, which will in turn allow them to achieve their personal financial goals more effectively. Thanks to our newly-developed machine learning technology, users can now switch to autopilot and let the Analysis feature do the work.

The Analysis feature has an automated dashboard with four main areas: “Income”, “Spending”, “Savings” and “Goals”. Together, these will give the user a comprehensive and detailed overview of their finances in one place.

The addition of “Goals” to the Analysis feature is revolutionary. On the one hand, it allows the user to create their own budgets and alerts them before that set budget is about to be exceeded. Moreover, the user can set clear goals for personal savings and can thereby monitor their progress toward achieving those goals.

Furthermore, the Analysis feature automatically assigns all of the user’s income and expenses into various categories. This allows the user to examine how much was spent in each category (for example food or insurance) in the current or in the previous month.

The machine learning technology being utilised in the background will allow the user to gain detailed and fully automated insights into their current and future financial situation and ultimately leads them to become more aware of their expenses.

Centralway Numbrs will release the improved Analysis feature in September for iOS. At a later stage, the Android version will be released.

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