How to get the right analysis for you

Numbrs gives you a view of all your aggregated accounts, and also let’s you personalise your analysis dashboard for more relevant insights.

Aggregating all your accounts for a better analysis of your finances

One of our product’s most powerful feature, is our aggregation capability, since we integrate with a large number of banks. With over 3,500 banks in Germany alone, adding all your bank accounts to Numbrs is easy.

As a result of aggregating all your accounts in one place, you get access to the most accurate representation of your finances.

Using Filters to get the most out our the analysis feature

As mentioned above, having all your accounts visible in a single app gives you great insights. And it doesn’t stop there! We also give you complete control as to which accounts you want to include as part of your insights. The transactions will then automatically be filtered in or out depending on what you decide, giving you a better overview of your income, spending and savings.

To choose which accounts to filter from your spending. Go to the analysis screen, and tap on spending. On the top righthand corner you will find the filter icon. Choose the accounts you wish to filter and hit Apply.

Filters work with all aspects of the Analysis feature: Income, Spending, Goals and budgets.

If you want to access your analysis, click here or download Numbrs and try it yourself.

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