How Numbrs Simplifies Your Financial Life

Keeping track of all your expenses is getting harder every year. With the decreasing use of cash and rising living costs, there is a massive demand for simplicity. Numbrs makes banking easy and empowers you to be independent in your financial decisions.

It’s all in the Numbrs

Our core mission is to provide you with the necessary tools to take control of your financial life. We reach this objective by making it easy for you to find everything you need, exactly where your intuition guides you.

Consumer foundation Stiftung Warentest has awarded Numbrs with first place for best handling out of 38 banking apps. This is no coincidence or mere luck. We are carefully crafting every feature and every little detail with one constant ideal in mind: customer experience.

As Little Design as Possible

Numbrs is simple, but that’s just what your eyes tell you. Behind the scenes, there are thousands of mechanisms that drive the features. Our design department is working hard to find that fine line between usefulness and appearance. The job is done when there is nothing left to remove. Numbrs only launches new features when all the noise has been removed which would otherwise distract you from what’s important.

One App. All Banks.

Numbrs allows you to integrate all your bank accounts into the app. This enables you to manage all your finances in one place without ever having to switch to any other application or website. We have aggregated more than 3,500 banks to this day.


Check your account activities across all of your bank accounts and from different banks. Filter specific payments, various periods and go deep into transaction details. The future timeline gives you a heads-up by forecasting your balance after pending payments have been made.


The notifications feature further simplifies the way you bank by sending you regular summaries of your transactions. They also give you the option to receive an alert when your balance is getting low or if a budget is reaching a certain amount you don’t want to undercut.

Send Money

Just a few simple gestures you can make payments to anyone in the SEPA area. Numbrs automatically creates transaction contacts, so you only have to type in the payment details once. You can also easily make an internal transfer from different banks.


The automated categorization of your incomes and expenses is one big leap to reach our goal to make banking as simple as possible for you. Our analysis feature sticks out for its comprehensiveness while still being easily understandable. Setting budgets and saving goals makes it easy to stay on top of your finances and reach your goals much faster and without breaking a sweat.

Money Store

The Money Store gives you access to the best financial products and is a unique invention by Numbrs. There’s simply nothing compared to the comprehensive and user-friendly way you can open a bank account or take up a loan. Within minutes you can apply for any product by chat. A personal assistant will guide you through the process and answer all of your product questions. The video identification process lets you complete the product application without having to visit any external bank or post office branches — it’s all in the app.

Loyalty Cards

We have decided to add Loyalty Cards to the Numbrs app as part of our goal to help you increase your wealth. With the implementation of loyalty cards, users can collect loyalty points with Numbrs without carrying around the physical cards.

Numbrs Stands for Financial Freedom

Ultimately we want to give you financial independence and ability to focus on things you really care for. Numbrs lets you spend less time on your finances, while still keeping you in the know and letting you reach all of your goals without having to worry about overspending.

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