How Numbrs is fostering a culture of healthy eating

Through our commitment to healthy eating habits at Numbrs, we demonstrate that the success of our business is inseparable from the well-being of our employees

We all know that a healthy mind and a healthy body go together, and hence we like to promote a mindful and active lifestyle here at Numbrs. We use several approaches related to physical activity and healthy eating to motivate our employees to live a smarter and more balanced life. This article describes our healthy eating program and the guidelines set out by our food caterer.

Healthy eating

We like to make sure that our employees can enjoy a nutritious and balanced diet while at work. For this reason, we offer a delicious, wholesome and free breakfast and lunch buffet, as well as snacks. The food options are optimised to be as nutritious as they are pleasing to the palate. Just recently, we switched our food catering service in order to optimise the quality of our food even more.

We also made sure that our new caterer exclusively uses sustainable products. The following are some of the key points that our caterer emphasises when it comes to selecting the right ingredients:

  • Delicate interaction with nature and environment
  • Production in harmony with natural seasons and cycles
  • Promotion of natural soil fertility
  • Preventive crop protection as opposed to using chemicals
  • Humane treatment of livestock
  • Prohibition of genetically modified foods
  • Prohibition of air transport

Organic & Local

To protect the environment and support local and domestic businesses, Swiss organic products is always favoured over imported goods. Our vendor only imports organic products from abroad when absolutely necessary. Even when that is the case, air transport remains prohibited, of course.

In short, we believe that smart living and smart working go hand in hand. By increasing the opportunities for our employees to be mindful of their eating habits, we want to create an environment which optimises well-being on an individual level and thus productivity on a company-wide level.

The programs mentioned above are just paving the way for more to come, as we continue to grow stronger together.

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