How Numbrs Improves the Performance of the App Everyday — an Example

Numbrs wants to provide its users with the best possible experience. The quality of the app, its features, and its technology is our highest priority. In order to reach our high standards, we make no compromise in improving the performance and the user experience every day. In this blogpost we would like to showcase our efforts on one specific feature: Speed.

Maximum Security, Maximum Speed

The Numbrs app is operating on nonstandard components from Apple’s persistence framework in order to increase security. As a result, the speed level of the app was affected, but by thinking outside of the box, members of our technology department found a way to increase the performance rate.

Of course, we are well aware that speed is one of the biggest factors when it comes to a smooth and seamless user experience. Numbrs is one of the fastest banking apps out there but we never stop in improving our performance. Our savvy engineers have therefore developed a method to drastically increase the speed.

Being Smart by Being Resourceful

To tackle the performance issue, our engineers figured out, that by only fetching information from our database when necessary, we can reduce the latency to provide the requested information for our users, and as a result achieve a more seamless experience.

With this method, we obtain most of the data in the background, which means the user experience is not affected.

Another Step Forward on the Path to Greatness

Before releasing the performance upgrade, we have implemented further solutions to increase the speed even more. But not only that, by using similar techniques, we will also be able to tackle future performance issues on the road.

We want to highlight, that his improvement was not specifically instructed by a team leader, our engineers did this out of their own ambition.

On this occasion we want to thank our engineers for their hard work and effort to constantly strive for excellence. We are excited to continue sharing our progress.

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