Home Screen: Unveiling our biggest feature of the year – Numbrs

Home Screen: Unveiling our biggest feature of the year

A transformative new feature giving you all the information you need without adding complexity.

The Homescreen combines the values of Numbrs:

  • Simplicity: It gives you just the right amount of information to help you stay on track with your budget.
  • Neutrality: It gives you unbiased insights to improve your finances.

What’s on your Homescreen

  • Account balance: Provides an overview of your overall account balance across multiple accounts. As always, you can filter which accounts you want to include or exclude.
  • Left to spend: Shows you how much money you have remaining to spend in a month, taking into account upcoming expenses too.
  • Insights: Access Financial insights based on your transaction history and helps you live a worry free financial life.
  • Latest transaction: Shows your timeline’s latest transaction. Swipe up to reveal the entire timeline.

Left to spend

One of the new features we are introducing is called “Left to spend”. It estimates your available budget to help you keep your expenses on track for the month.

We deduct your spendings and expenses from your monthly budget to show you how much you have left to spend until your next salary. Your budget restarts each month.

For more details on your left to spend budget, tap on the indicator and you will see a breakdown how we calculated your monthly budget.

Get the Numbrs Homescreen

To get the Numbrs Homescreen, download Numbrs or update your application with the latest version of Numbrs.

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