Goodbye 2018 — A Year in Review

As we are wrapping up the year, we are taking a look at another eventful and exciting year here at Numbrs.

January — TÜV renews our certificate “Certified App”

The year started with the renewal of the TÜV certificate “Certified App”. TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency), conducts independent inspections to ensure the security of a product. The renewal of the certificate confirmed the excellent work our security engineers are delivering every day. Creating the most secure environment for you to manage all your finances with Numbrs. It’s not only the easiest and fastest banking app — it’s also very secure.

February — Numbrs develops its own Video Identification process

One of our greatest and hard-worked for achievements this year was the development and implementation of our own video identification system. It comes in addition to our in-app Money Store and is fully conducted via chat. It allows our users to complete the whole product application inside the Numbrs app directly from their smartphones. With our own video identification system, we have reinvented the application process for financial products and give you the fastest and easiest way to apply for bank products.

May — Global technology pioneer invests in Numbrs

Marius Nacht, Co-Founder and Chairman of Check Point Software Technologies invests in Numbrs. The PR announcement results in international Press-Coverage. Numbrs is grateful for the great support of its investors and works hard to reach our shared goal of revolutionising the banking sector.

May — Numbrs updates its privacy policy

Numbrs updates its privacy policy according to new regulations and introduces new features to protect user data. We see data privacy and data protection as a principle right, which is why Numbrs pseudonymised user data from the beginning. We welcome and support any initiative that is designed to protect the data of our users.

June — Numbrs partners with Visa World Card

Numbrs partners with credit card issuer ICS to support the most widely accepted credit card Visa World Card. The addition is another step to providing our users with the best curated selection of bank products.

June — Numbrs Marketing Studio

Our own video production studio allows us to create original advertisement content from start to finish within five days. Producing content on our own without being dependent on any external parties, ensures our high quality and design standards are met. Being able to oversee the entire production chain, is one of our core principles and with this development our marketing department is on its way to producing truly great advertisement.

June — Users award Numbrs with high recommendation Seal

Focus Money partnered with the German institution ServiceValue, to find out which apps are most recommended by users. The survey concluded that Numbrs has one of the highest recommendation rates among Google Play Store and Apple App Store users.

June — CNNMoney interviews Numbrs founder Martin Saidler

With its growing user base and excellent rating, Numbrs caught the attention of CNNMoney Switzerland. For the first time, Numbrs has welcomed an external video editor team to its headquarters in Zurich. In the interview, Martin Saidler describes the changing banking industry and his vision of enabling people to manage their finances independently.

July — National Ad Campaign “These are the fees”

The mission of Numbrs is to support you in managing your finances independently and to give you access to the best bank products on the market. With our humoristic advertisement video, we wanted to draw attention to certain fees that many customers are not aware of. We’ve received great feedback and saw a significant rise in installs.

August — Numbrs receives highest Security Seal

The independent testing agency Appvisory awarded Numbrs with its highest security certificate “Trusted App”. Once again our security measures proved to be successful. Trust can only be built upon a secure environment, that’s why we will always have the highest security standards to protect your data.

September — Numbrs Rebranding

The new visual appearance of Numbrs highlights our aspiration, to enable all of our users to manage all their banking transactions, simple, secure, and neutral. Our new corporate design includes a new Numbrs logo, a new app symbol, and a new website.

September — Stiftung Warentest awards Numbrs with Quality Seal

The most well-known consumer protection agency in Germany, Stiftung Warentest, awards Numbrs with the quality seal “Gut”. Stiftung Warentest is one, if not the most trusted consumer institute in Germany, which is another independent confirmation for our users that our quality standards are widely recognised.

September — Numbrs partners with Santander Consumer Bank AG

Santander is among the top five retail banks in Germany and by partnering with them, we have expanded our product selection with a great new personal loan. Our goal is to give our users the best choice in financial products on the market, and by partnering with Santander we are one step closer.

October — The Analysis feature is now even better than before

We have developed a new option which allows you to exclude any category you want from the Analysis feature. The new feature makes the Analysis of your finances even more precise than before. The new feature is in line with our goal to empower our users by giving them the best tool to manage their finances on their own.

November — Numbrs temporarily changes the color of the app icon

Due to current events, we have decided to change the color of our app icon from red to black. The design of the app icon was custom-tailored with the emblematic red coloring of Switzerland’s national flag. We are proud of our Swiss roots and naturally want to express this in our company logo and app symbol. We decided to change the app icon color in course of a recent legal dispute between Numbrs and a well-known German bank.

December — Numbrs Care our first insurance product goes Live

We are introducing “Numbrs Care” a new kind of insurance subscription service. Since the launch of Numbrs, we are striving to give all our users control over their finances. That’s why the banking features of the Numbrs app are designed to allow our user to make their own decisions on all financial matters independently. We hope that Numbrs will continue to help every user to control, manage and, ultimately, grow their finances.

Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019

2018 was a hectic but also exciting and highly successful year for us. We are pleased to receive great feedback from our users, especially if Numbrs supports them in managing their finances independently.

We look back at 2018 with pride while taking some time off to spend time with our families during the Christmas break.

Well rested and with great anticipation, we will be looking forward to 2019 and the many exciting events that await us.

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