Get to know Numbrs, even without adding a bank account

We are releasing a faster and simpler onboarding experience.

Our number one interest is to ensure that Numbrs helps our users manage their personal finances in a simple and secure manner. In doing so, we want to offer our users the best possible mobile banking experience at all times. For users to even be able to use the app’s banking functions, it is necessary for them to connect their bank accounts.

For this reason, the registration process consists of three steps: First, users connect their bank accounts with Numbrs. Then, they are asked to create a user account and finally their transaction data is imported.

To connect an account, the user has to add the login details of their online banking system — this is necessary to import transactions from their bank account and to make sure that all of the Numbrs app’s functions work optimally. This step is a significant sign of trust and often complicated for users. After all, who has their online banking login details available at all times?

Get to know to Numbrs first, add your bank account next

Starting now, we are giving new users the chance to get to know the app and its functions before deciding whether they want to connect their bank accounts to the app or not. For this reason, we are also changing the registration process to make it possible to access the app even without adding a bank account.

Thanks to this change, users will now be able to become more familiar with the app and will also have direct access to our Numbrs Store. This will allow users to have an extensive picture of the app and its uses after which they can decide whether or not to add their bank accounts a later date.

Now in Beta, iOS release already in February

The new registration process is currently in a beta testing phase and will become available to iOS users at the end of February. It it scheduled to be available for Android in early April.

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