Referral programme & contest

The referral feature will be back soon

Dear Numbrs User,

What a great start of the Numbrs app in the UK...

After just a few days of the Numbrs App in the UK, several thousands are already using Numbrs as their main personal finance app. We are very grateful for your support and very excited that you are enjoying our app.

We are thrilled, even a little bit stunned, that our referral programme was met with such great enthusiasm and has generated an overwhelming number of participants. Due to this high demand, we have to temporarily pause the referral feature.

But don't worry, we will have it back up and running soon.

All successful referrals will of course be paid out and you can expect the outstanding amount to be credited to your account in the next few days.

We hope that you will continue to recommend Numbrs to your friends and family and that our app will support you in managing your personal finances.

Numbrs Team

If you have any further questions about Numbrs, simply contact our support.


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