Enjoy Travelling with Numbrs in your Pocket

No matter where you are and what you’re doing — Numbrs is the perfect tool to help you keep track of your finances, send money to your friends and family, and it even protects your travel expenses.

Plan your trip with budgets

Holidays are the time when you can relax. You can eat at fancy restaurants, go sightseeing, buy the trendy fashion or simply enjoy a good drink at the beach. To make sure you don’t overspend you should always create and check your budgets. With Numbrs your expenses are sorted in useful categories. For example:

  • Eating Out
  • Insurances
  • Groceries
  • Transportation & Fuel

Once you’ve created budgets for all your expenses, you’ll know exactly how much money you have available to book your trip. Also, create a travel budget to make sure you don’t overspend while abroad.

Schedule your payments ahead

Make sure you don’t miss a payment while abroad. Schedule your most important upcoming payments for your bills so you won’t have to worry about them while lying on the beach or enjoy an extended gallery visit in your favourite city.

Send money internationally

If there is an urgent payment you have to make, you can send money with Numbrs from wherever you are within seconds.

Start early with Saving Goals

With saving goals, you can save enough money long before your trip so you won’t have to worry about not having enough on the side. Make sure that you have enough financials early on, so you can rest assured that you have enough money saved up for your travels.

Protect yourself with Numbrs Care

With Numbrs Care you can enjoy your journey free from worries and benefit from insurances against unforeseeable events like a sudden illness or bad weather. The unique and exclusive insurance package includes travel insurance among many other benefits. For only 5,99 € per month, you’re protected in case of:

  • Flight cancellation
  • Early return
  • Accident & sickness
  • Effective worldwide
  • Coverage of costs up to 7,500 €

Always informed with Notifications

Being informed about your budgets will relieve you of a lot of manual tasks that no one wants to tend to on their vacation. You’ll get a heads up when you’ve reached 80 % of your budget and another one once it was exceeded.

A good Credit Card

Most people use a credit card to cover their travel expenses. However, many credit cards come with additional charges for payments outside of your home country. The Money Store offers credit cards that are perfect for traveling. The credit cards from Barclaycard and Mastercard Gold from Advanzia do not charge you for payments made abroad.

With Numbrs you can completely relax on your travels without having to think much about your finances. Making payments, checking your balance from all your accounts from different banks, and managing your incomes and expenses on the go — with Numbrs it’s easy, fast, and secure.

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