Customers have decided: Numbrs is awarded Quality Seal “Hohe Weiterempfehlung” by the Business Magazine Focus Money.

We are happy to announce that Numbrs has received the independent award “Hohe Weiterempfehlung” by the German magazine FOCUS MONEY.

Products recommended by friends and family members enjoy great credibility. On average every third recommendation leads to a contract closing or product purchase. This effect was researched in a broad survey by renowned business magazine Focus Money together with the German institution ServiceValue.

Research Questioning

The willingness to recommend is only measured as an intention and cannot be seen as an effective act. In order to be effective, a recommendation has to be verbalised. Furthermore the “reference value” is not only influenced by the satisfaction of a customer but also their reach (social network) and intensity (opinion leadership). Reach and intensity cannot be defined without great effort. However it can be approached through the rate of actual recommendations.

Participants of the test were given a list of companies they may or may not have recommended within the past 24 months with the following options:

  • “Yes, frequently”
  • “Yes, multiple times”
  • “Yes, at least once”
  • “No”
  • “Not a customer within the past 24 months”


Every company receives an individual “Recommendation Score” which is evaluated through 1.100 attendees per branch from 78 industries. The survey is based on 460.000 uninfluenced customer decisions. Persons who were customers of those sectors within the past 24 months, stated how often and intensely they recommended the company or product to their private and professional environment.

Companies with the highest ratings are awarded with the independent quality seal. Socioeconomic characteristics from the registered panelists are taken into the equation, to ensure a representative result in respect to the population.

No customer addresses of the companies are obtained and the survey is initiated independently without including the researched company. The survey was carried out in April and May 2018.

A Big Thank You to Our Users

We judge ourselves based on the level of satisfaction we have achieved with each of our users. Numbrs was highly praised by our users and in conclusion awarded with the independent quality seal “Hohe Weiterempfehlung” (High Recommendation).

This award is further evidence of our hard work to make the Numbrs app the best possible experience for our users, adding to the overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive via our support and store channels as well as the 4.5 Star rating in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

We want to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all of our users and once again pledge to always put your experience first!

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