CNN Money Interviews Numbrs Founder Martin Saidler at our Headquarters

With its growing user base and excellent ratingNumbrs has caught the attention of CNN Money Switzerland. For the first time Numbrs has welcomed an external video editor team to its headquarters in Zurich.

The interview with Numbrs Founder and Executive Chairman Martin Saidler about the digitalisation of finances can be viewed here:

As pointed out by Martin Saidler, Numbrs is not advising its users in financial questions. We strongly believe, that by serving as a banking app with a data-driven approach, we provide every user who wants to take control of their finances with the ability to manage their personal finances on their own.

CNN Money Switzerland launched in January 2018. Its goal is to obtain detailed insights about the Swiss financial landscape and bring the news to an international level.

With a main newsroom in Zurich CNN Money Switzerland is broadcasting three hours of live English-language business and financial news programming every weekday. Numbrs being the biggest and fastest growing Fintech company in Switzerland, is a logical point of interest for CNN.

We enjoyed having CNN in our offices and hope everyone who watched the video is excited to see what’s next for Numbrs.

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