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Certified app — Numbrs is tested regularly for security and privacy

The trust of our users means a lot to us. Numbrs protects the privacy of every single one of them through sophisticated security measures, encryption techniques and has strict policies concerning data usage.

Our experts employ the utmost care and responsibility and work diligently to make the app and all of its banking functions as safe as possible. In doing so, we fully abide by German privacy legislation, while various organisations regularly test Numbrs for security and privacy purposes.

As part of these regularly occurring tests, the TÜV Saarland’s renewed their trusted certificate “Certified App”. The TÜV’s certification process includes rigorous testing by independent legal and IT experts from the TÜV Group. Key points are:

  • App usability
  • Functional security and compatibility
  • Stability of the overall app and features
  • Security assessment of data transfer via GSM, WLAN, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Data import/export through synchronisation software
  • Safety from data espionage
  • Secure file storage
  • Encryption implementation
  • Password security
  • Adherence to obligation to inform, general privacy requirements
  • Support function
  • Change and patch management

The certification process includes extensive testing in the areas of data storage, data transfer and data security. Several other aspects are also assessed, including the organisational security of the app.

Next to the product features, additional points, such as usability and support functions, are also tested. The certification process is conducted across various smartphone types and is thus optimised for specific operating systems, such as iOS or Android.

But it is not only the TÜV that tests our app on a regular basis. We work with several independent institutions that routinely test our app and our technologies. Here is an overview of some of the seals and certifications which Numbrs currently holds:

In order to continue to guarantee optimal security and privacy as we do now, we will maintain and expand our cooperation with various specialist organisations and bodies to continue testing the app and all of its functions and technologies.

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