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Centralway Numbrs starts public Beta Testing Program in the United Kingdom

We are getting ready to test our banking app “Centralway Numbrs” with a wider group of users from the United Kingdom.

The beta testing program is progressing on schedule and everyone who cannot wait to get their hands on the features of Germany’s leading banking app, can sign up to become a beta tester right now.

Our CEO Øyvind Oanes comments:

“We are still a few weeks away from commercial release but today we are presenting a public beta program to let thousands of interested users try out all the features and stress test our UK product. One of our core values at Centralway Numbrs is, to not make any compromise on the quality, therefore it is so important for us to run an insightful and extensive beta.”

What to expect from the beta:

If you would like to participate in the beta test program, please remember that you are using an unfinished product that is out for testing before final release.

For a mobile banking app like Centralway Numbrs, a major part of that testing process is figuring out the performance of the connectivity and how to process transaction data.

Be prepared to get kicked out of your activities from time to time, wait longer than you want and all those other problems beta testing programs can have. Better now than after release.

Are you interested to join the beta testing program?

The beta program is open to everyone. Take part in the Centralway Numbrs beta test and help us to develop the best mobile banking app.

This beta is for users with either an iPhone or Android smartphone and who have have an account at one of the following financial institutions: Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Barclays or Lloyds Bank. Users are also asked to regularly provide feedback as part of the beta test, which will be kept confidential.

Three Easy Steps to Register:

Your details

Fill in the registration form: https://www.centralway.com/uk/beta/registration

2. Confirmation

Click the link in the confirmation email to complete your registration.

3. Download

We will send you instructions on how to download the beta app.

Centralway Numbrs is not a bank

Through the banking App Centralway Numbrs, users can manage all their accounts and financial products centrally from one App. As an independent platform we guarantee complete transparency.

Centralway Numbrs is neither a bank, nor a financial advisor or comparison portal. We are 100% independent from banks and do not provide product recommendations. Through the Centralway Numbrs App you can manage your finances and make your own decisions. This independence ensures that we only have one interest — to give you control over your own finances.

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