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Centralway Numbrs partners with SWK Bank

Zurich, 29.03.2017. Centralway Numbrs banking app users will soon be able to take out loans from Süd-West-Kreditbank (SWK Bank). As a result, the Swiss technology company is expanding its range of products and services offered through its Numbrs Store. So far, the Numbrs Store has made it possible for clients to use their smartphones to apply for bank accounts, loans and credit cards at norisbank and Postbank. Offering outstanding, multi-award-winning value for money, SWK Bank’s instalment loans are considered to be some of the most attractive of their kind in Germany.

“SWK Bank is more than just a lending specialist. It is also a hidden digital champion in the German financial sector that has been consistently and systematically promoting the digitalisation of its business model for over 20 years. That makes SWK Bank a perfect match for our aim of becoming the mobile platform that offers the largest and best selection of financial services,” says Øyvind Oanes, CEO of Centralway Numbrs AG.

“Centralway Numbrs has developed a revolutionary platform with the potential to forever change the way financial services are marketed. For us as a direct bank, the partnership is a new, valuable channel for raising awareness of our products and demonstrating how the digital lending process can be used to benefit clients,” says Ulf Meyer, Co-CEO of SWK Bank. “Now we will work closely together to establish our seamless instalment loan as the standard in digital lending.”

The SWK Bank loan that clients can now take out using the Numbrs Store is a combination of a traditional instalment loan and SWK Bank’s Couchkredit loan product. Loans of €1,000 to €50,000 with flexible terms of 12 to 84 months and an effective annual interest rate of between 2.2% and 4.9%, depending on the borrower’s credit score, can be applied for and approved as part of a fully digital process. Borrowers can make an unlimited number of unscheduled payments free of charge.

Consumers can use the Centralway Numbrs banking app to manage various bank accounts and banking transactions from a single app. Users can also select financial products and services from a wide range of banks in the Numbrs Store directly through the app. As a result, Centralway Numbrs lowers the obstacles that prevent clients from switching providers and reduces costs for people’s personal finances. An independent platform, Centralway Numbrs provides full transparency and does not offer advice.

About SWK Bank

Süd-West-Kreditbank, also known as SWK Bank, has been active in the market for over 55 years. Based in Bingen am Rhein, Germany, it specialises in instalment, car and solar loans as well as policy loans, security deposits for rental properties and term deposits. Its lean sales and marketing structure offers cost benefits that SWK Bank passes on to its clients through attractive interest rates. SWK Bank’s special strengths include direct client communication and personal support.

SWK Bank has received multiple awards for high customer satisfaction and service quality. Fast handling of client requests and inquiries also plays a key role. The bank is a pioneer in the field of online instalment loans. In April 2014, SWK Bank became the first bank in Germany to offer online authentication as an alternative to Postident, a standardised authentication method requiring clients to visit a local post office to identify themselves. Since 2017, the bank has also offered a completely digital instalment loan application process with a qualified digital signature.

Since February 2012, SWK Bank has been providing loans to private consumers in Austria.

SWK Bank also maintains a successful presence in the third-market business and as a white-label bank, managing over €4 billion in assets in this segment. The bank serves more than 130,000 clients. As a direct bank, it is highly specialised in lending and deposits.

About Centralway Numbrs

Centralway Numbrs is a customer centric financial services company. It enables its customers to manage their existing bank accounts and personal finances, and to buy any financial product from every provider at the best possible price. Centralway Numbrs is not a bank and will not become a bank. Centralway Numbrs is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and employs 150 people. 1.5 million bank accounts in Germany are currently managed through the app and it is the #1 bank-independent banking app on iOS and Android. The majority shareholder in Centralway Numbrs is Saidler & Co., the family office of Martin Saidler (www.saidler.com).

For more information, please visit www.centralway.com

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