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Centralway Numbrs introduces remote working programme for Freelancers

Talent is the most important resource for Centralway Numbrs and we work hard to ensure we attract and keep the best talent in the industry. We also ensure that we stay competitive and hungry as a company, and we only want work with the best people in the world.

Centralway Numbrs was founded and has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and we are a Swiss company. Not all talent can be hired in Switzerland, as many of the best people prefer to stay in their respective countries with their families. Additionally, the high living costs in Switzerland mean high salaries, and we as a young company want to ensure that we are keeping a focused core team. The combination of these reasons leads us to conclude that we need to change the company structure and parts of our culture.

That’s why we started a remote work programme for Freelancers

Our goal is to bring bring exceptional talent from all over the world together to develop state-of-the-art technology. It is about creating a sustainable, long-term strategy through a high-performance culture. Working with more and more freelancers helps Centralway Numbrs reduce costs, while at the same time increasing productivity and improving the overall product quality. There’s also lots of evidence that it improves staff morale, helping us attract the best talents. Skilled developers from all over the world can work towards the vision of Centralway Numbrs in building the leading Mobile-Banking platform with us.

In this globalised world, we believe in remote work through freelancers as the model for the future, as the fulfilment of our mission requires exceptional talents spread across the globe. Expanding our talent search will allow Centralway to acquire the best talent available — not just those who live near our headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland — and build a culture which keeps the company ahead of the competition and attracts top talent.

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