Centralway Numbrs CEO Øyvind Oanes at the Money20/20 Conference in Copenhagen

CEOs, Executives and specialists from the banking and financial technology industries all met recently in Copenhagen, where the biggest FinTech Event in Europe was hosted: the Money 20/20 Europe. The three day conference with more than 10.000 visitors is one of the most important FinTech conferences worldwide.

By personal invitation of the moderator and well-known FinTech insider Pascal Bouvier (Ventures Partner, Santander InnoVentures), Øyvind Oanes took part in an hour long panel discussion on the topic of “Banking as a service”.

Together with other experts, namely Marko Wenthin (Member of the Board at solarisbank AG), Nigel Verdon (Co-Founder and CEO of the Railsbank) and Daniel Kimerling (Head of Open Platform and API Banking of the Silicon Valley Bank), Øyvind Oanes spoke about the technological and economical challenges that internationally active FinTechs and established financial institutions must face.

The participants were all in agreement that technology will further change the banking industry and will give rise to newly disruptive business models. The lively discussion made clear that BaaS (Banking as a service) will allow third parties, such as FinTechs, to move into new markets more quickly and easily so that the needs and expectations of the digital bank customer can be met.

The discussion came to the conclusion that standardised and open APIs, and especially aspiring Plug-and-Play platforms, such as the Numbrs Store, will significantly contribute to the notion that banks will have to fundamentally rethink their traditional business models.

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