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Centralway Numbrs announces new Chief Executive Officer to boost further growth

  • Oyvind Oanes becomes responsible for the overall operations and growth and global expansion of the company.
  • Company founder Martin Saidler takes on new role as Executive Chairman focusing on product development and strategy.
  • The new management structure is a strong combination of a visionary technology entrepreneur and an experienced banking executive.

Zurich, 28.02.2017 Centralway Numbrs AG today announced that Oyvind Oanes, 45, has been named CEO of Centralway Numbrs. Martin Saidler, the founder and former CEO, will become Executive Chairman, focusing on product development & overall strategy, while Oanes will become responsible for the overall operations and the company’s growth and global expansion. The new executive appointments are effective immediately.

This new management structure, which brings together the perfect combination of a visionary technology entrepreneur and an experienced banking executive, will support Centralway Numbrs as it continues to grow towards the goal of becoming the world’s leading banking app.

Today, Centralway Numbrs has 1.5 million downloads and 1.5 million bank accounts managed through the app in Germany. It expects to launch a UK product this year. Centralway Numbrs recently announced its total funding position had increased to $125m, thanks to a significant investment from the Investment Corporation of Dubai, the principal investment arm of the government of Dubai and one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds.

In January, the company launched the Numbrs Store, an independent mobile platform for financial services which allows users to apply for and purchase various financial products — such as current accounts, personal loans and credit cards — through their smartphone.

Postbank and norisbank became the first banks to be onboarded onto the Numbrs Store, and Centralway Numbrs is actively discussing further partnerships. Oyvind Oanes’ strong management experience and excellent relationships within the European banking industry will support the company as it explores new partnerships both in Germany and across Europe.

Oyvind Oanes, CEO of Centralway Numbrs, said: “I have been enormously impressed with the business and market position that Martin Saidler and his management team have established to date, and I am thrilled with the chance to work alongside this talented team as Centralway Numbrs moves to its next phase of growth.”

Martin Saidler, Executive Chairman said: “Oyvind is the perfect person to support the continued growth of Centralway Numbrs. His extensive banking background and strong commitment to digitisation in the financial industry are completely complementary to our mission of becoming a leading digital platform for financial services.”

About Oyvind Oanes

Oyvind Oanes has over 18 years’ experience in the banking industry. He worked at the online bank Zuno Bank for five years joining as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer and later occupying the role of Chief Executive. Oanes began his banking career at GE Capital, where he had a long and successful career, rising to fill the role of Chief Marketing Officer for GE Money Bank in Russia. He was also directly involved in the successful turnaround of Bawag PSK in Austria as a Managing Director and is currently a Non-Executive Director at FCM Bank Limited.

About Centralway Numbrs

Centralway Numbrs is a customer centric financial services company. It enables its customers to manage their existing bank accounts and personal finances, and to buy any financial product from every provider at the best possible price. Centralway Numbrs is not a bank and won’t become a bank. Centralway Numbrs is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and employs 150 people. 1.5 million bank accounts in Germany are currently managed through the app and it is the #1 bank independent banking app on iOS and Android. The majority shareholder in Centralway Numbrs is Saidler & Co., the family office of Martin Saidler (www.saidler.com).

For more information please visit https://www.centralway.com/uk/

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