Building a world-class engineering team

Our latest recruitment activity

Numbrs operates in one of the most exciting industries — a state of the art technology company developing a world-class independent banking app and establishing partnerships with leading banks and financial institutes. The goal is to build the globally leading platform in the financial services industry.

We aim for the highest quality in everything we do, which requires a lot of thinking and uncompromising performance in every part of the chain — from each IP packet that is sent out of our servers to the smallest details within our app, we are always aiming to deliver the most reliable, convenient, stable, and secure experience possible.

Maintaining and developing our product in such a way that we remain on top of our own quality standards is a daily challenge and akin to climbing a mountain. In order to make it to the top of the mountain, we need the best people available.

Following the close cooperation between Numbrs and Israel’s high-tech scene, we welcome Mr. Tomer Touati to our team today as Technology Director, Recruitment and HR. Tomer is a former member of the elite IDF 8200 unit with extensive military and civilian experience in cyber security and big-data analytics. Afterwards, he participated in Israel’s start-up scene and was also an investment manager in a venture capital fund.

Our mission is to increase the exposure of the Numbrs brand throughout the tech scene in order to be able to find the best engineers from Israel and abroad. We believe that this is can be a symbiotic relationship that will allow us to gain additional expertise while training Israeli experts in the intricate details of rendering global, scalable and real-time financial services with millions of transactions.

At the same time, this measure will allow us to create common ground for deepening already existing collaborations, placing Numbrs at the forefront together with the world’s tech giants.

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