Black on white – welcome to our biggest design update yet

Our newest update is more than a simple facelift. It marks the biggest redesign since the launch of the app. While Numbrs now looks even better, it is also much easier to use.

Simplicity across all features

Whether it’s the clear overview on your Homescreen, knowing how much you have left to spend each month, the new and stunningly animated Insight icon, quickly sending money, using the Analysis to set up your budget or efficiently categorizing your transactions – everything is even simpler, better-arranged and available in just a few taps. The basis for this improvement is a well thought out design.

Design by principle

Great design reveals itself in practice. Our new design is guided by 4 main principles:

  • Simplicity. As one of our core principles, simplicity is at the root of everything we do. It is the main value for our company. And, it has the uppermost order when designing any function, any screen and any element a user may encounter in the app.

  • Black on white. By connecting all bank accounts with Numbrs the user receives a clear overview of all their finances. This helps with any financial decision they may face. To reflect this commitment we currently follow "black on white" – an old German saying – as a design principle in our app. All numbers and words are black, all backgrounds white. This not only refers to the clear and binding nature of black ink on white paper. It creates clarity, when looking at the facts. 

  • Clarity. We have never seen design as a sole question of aesthetics. We are aware of its impact on the individual, society and the world in general. Our goal is to provide financial clarity for each user. Therefore, we have questioned the function of every element in the app and made Numbrs more useful than ever before.

  • No noise. In a world of sensory overload we reject loud advertising, bright colours and confusing forms. We want the Numbrs app to be simple and claim as little attention for itself as possible. As a result we have removed everything from the app that could distract from its core functionalities.

However, our latest update delivers more than an even simpler user experience. It also comes with a brand new feature.

+ Money

Sometimes, a small amount of quickly accessible funds can help to cushion unexpected events. For example, when you need to cover moving expenses, if you face an unplanned emergency, or if you simply want to afford something you have always wanted. This is where + Money can help you.

Numbrs algorithm automatically detects when your financial resources run short and lets you apply for an attractive loan quickly and easily. If you meet all requirements, “+ Money '' becomes available on your Homescreen. From there, simply tap the button and you can apply for an attractive loan in just a few steps.

To benefit from our new design make sure to activate updates on your smartphone. If you aren’t using Numbrs yet, simply download it from the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore. Numbrs is available on iOS and Android and comes for free on both systems.

For more on the principles which have guided us in our new design see the 5 principles of Numbrs or About us.

For further questions about our newest release simply contact us at or write us directly in the app.

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