Apple promotes Centralway Numbrs on the App Store landing page in Germany

Today, we received a very special honor:

Apple Inc. selected Numbrs out of a thousand banking apps in Germany and promotes the app on the landing page in the German App Store.

Why is a Apple promotion so special?

There are more than 1,600 apps being submitted to the iTunes App Store every day. The App Store is the only distribution platform for any app that is going to work the iPhone.

In order for an app to attract users, it needs to stand out. Apple has a way of making sure apps canstand out: App Store promotions. If the App Store is a mall, then the promotion is the giant billboard over the mall entrance. Getting the app onto the first page of the App Store, whether in a full visual banner or a mention, is a huge success.

How does Apple choose the app?

There are over 2.2 mio apps in the App Store, so the chances of getting featured are very low.

Apple hires a dedicated team of full-time editors around the world with a unique perspective on the app market. It’s worth understanding that Apple doesn’t feature apps to help startups, it features apps because they benefit its users.

Apple Inc did not publish any selection criteria yet. You can presume that the quality and the user experience of the app are two key factors.

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