All your loyalty cards in a single app

No more plastic cards thanks to Numbrs

It’s a familiar scenario: your wallet is about to burst because you just have too many loyalty or customer cards. One card for Starbucks, one for IKEA and another for the supermarket around the corner. Then, just when you’re about to buy something, you suddenly can’t find the one card that you need. All that is finally coming to an end thanks to a new feature built into the Numbrs app.

Soon, our users can simply add their loyalty cards to their Numbrs app and leave the physical cards at their home in the drawer. Next time you go shopping, just open the Numbrs app on your smartphone and show your cashier the barcode on your digital loyalty card.

This way, you not only avoid carrying around useless cards but you also no longer miss out on offers when you don’t have a particular card at hand. Now, all your cards are always with you — in the Numbrs app.

Using our super easy scanning function, you can easily add your cards to the app. Once your card has been added, you can easily display it on your smartphone’s widget manager.

The new feature was released to our beta testers last week. All other users will have access to it later in November.

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