Numbrs - Swiss Wallet.

Swiss Wallet allows you to manage and use your bank accounts, crypto accounts, credit cards, and loyalty cards in a single app. Using innovative artificial intelligence, Swiss Wallet analyses your finances, offers you a better overview, and reveals hidden potential. Thanks to the integrated crypto wallet, users can store coins and tokens directly and securely in Switzerland. Comprehensive research on crypto assets and decentralised finance complements the Swiss Wallet. Numbrs Swiss Wallet is currently available in Germany, the UK, and Spain.

Numbrs is neutral.

Numbrs refrains from any conflicting interests. Numbrs is no bank, neither cooperates with banks, nor brokers bank products or accepts commissions. Numbrs does not trade data and is not financed by advertising. The Numbrs Swiss Wallet is solely funded by users' subscription fees.

Swiss data protection and privacy.

Numbrs fully protects your data according to Swiss standards. Switzerland's strict data protection, advanced regulations, enduring neutrality, and political stability guarantee the world's best protection for your financial data and crypto assets. Thanks to consistent encryption, your assets are not accessible or viewable even by Numbrs itself.

Independent, in-depth research.

Blockchain and digital currencies are fundamentally changing the financial industry. Private investors who understand the disruptive shift towards digital assets will be able to grow and protect their wealth. In the wake of this development, the need for information among private investors is high.

Traditional bank research fails to satisfy this need, as it contradicts the banks' own interests or lacks the appropriate expertise. Hence, Numbrs conducts its own research in the field of digital assets and makes it available to users of the Swiss Wallet. Topics include cryptocurrencies, decentralised finance, non-fungible tokens, smart contract platforms and Web 3.0. Numbrs' research analysts are renowned specialists based in Switzerland, Singapore, London, and the US.

Founded and headquartered in Switzerland.

Numbrs Personal Finance AG is the company behind the Swiss Wallet. The company was founded in Switzerland in 2014 and is a public limited company under Swiss law. It is headquartered in the Swiss canton of Zug, the heart of the so-called Crypto Valley. Numbrs Personal Finance AG is funded by prestigious private investors and valued at more than one billion Swiss francs. Numbrs exclusively pursues the development and operation of the Swiss Wallet of the same name.

Quality and technology shape the culture of Numbrs.

Our quality standards are intrinsically Swiss: utmost precision and reliability, maximum convenience, functional design. Our pioneering spirit in harnessing new technologies is vast, our tolerance for errors in the final product is zero. With this attitude, around 150 specialists from the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, user experience, software development, research, and management work on developing and perfecting the Swiss Wallet. Enabling Numbrs users all over the world to achieve greater financial independence.

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