About us

We live in a complicated and noisy world. The financial industry contributes to this noise. As a modern technology company in the financial industry we are aware that we are a part of this world. So we asked ourselves an important question: Where does Numbrs stand? Our answer comes in 5 principles we have defined for our brand and our product.   

1. One app for all your bank accounts 

Every second German has at least four bank accounts at the same time. They are multibanking. This trend is increasing from year to year. The most common types of accounts include credit card accounts, savings accounts and salary accounts.

But how do you know how much money exactly is in one account and how much in the other? Can I still make a big purchase with this Girocard? Or should I debit the credit card account at the other bank? How good or bad is my current overall financial status? 

Instead of logging in to different banking apps with different logins to get an overview of your overall financial status or to transfer money across accounts, users can manage all their accounts, cards and credits in real time with the multibanking app Numbrs - no matter from which bank. This is our foundation: Multibanking. 

2. Black on white 

The name "Numbrs" is a deliberate choice. On a basic level finances are numbers. Or as we say "Numbrs". With the multibanking app Numbrs the user can make his own decisions about his finances. The basis for any financial decision should be the numbers, the facts. Not their own interpretation, or even the opinion of a third party, a consultant, or a bank.

In order to express this conviction, we follow the principle "black on white" in the design of the app. The numbers and words are black, the backgrounds white. The use of the well-known German phrase "black on white" refers to the clarity and binding nature of black ink on white paper. 

3. Neutrality 

Banks are always in an unavoidable conflict of interest. As providers of numerous financial products, they naturally want to sell them to bank customers. Customers who give their bank insight into all their accounts and finances can be influenced. The bank could, for example, try to make an unreasonable financial profit or avoid a financial loss at the expense of the customer. For this reason, we believe that multibanking should never be done through your bank.

Numbrs is not a bank, it is not a comparison portal and it does not offer its own financial products. We are 100% bank independent and neutral. This enables us to support users impartially, independent of banks and without any conflict of interest in the execution of their banking transactions. As a Swiss company in particular, we are committed to neutrality in accordance with tradition. 

4. Clarity 

We want to create clarity. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce the design of the app to the essentials. We define design not just as a question of aesthetics, but as questioning its impact on the individual, society and the world in general. We will always pursue a well thought-out design for our company and our product.

Products that serve a purpose have a tool-like character. Therefore, the Numbrs app must be easy to use and claim as little attention as possible for itself. We do not accept intrusive advertisements, flashy animations, trendy colours or nonsensical texts. At Numbrs we try to make the design of our app as simple, neutral and inconspicuous as possible. Our design should explain itself.

5. No noise 

Everyone decides what they want to surround themselves with. A claim that is becoming increasingly difficult to meet. Less and less people can escape the increasing battle of brands and companies for our attention. The result is an indefinable confusion of shapes, colours, sounds and opinions. Numbrs has decided to stop being part of this development. As a company we want to stand for clarity and calmness.

This is exactly why we will refrain from advertising from now on and will not appear with annoying self-portrayal and superfluous communication on social media or in the media. We do not try to manipulate the user by empty promises. We will not present our product in a more innovative, efficient or valuable way than it really is. 

That is why we have made our website as simple and clear as possible, removed our previous posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and will question every new number and word with one goal in mind: reducing everything to the essentials.