Work Hard, Play Hard: The Numbrs Game Night

To celebrate the first quarter of 2018, Numbrs has launched its first Game Night for all employees. With all the hard work that is being done every day, there also needs to be a time to just have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Something for everyone

Whether it is a game of ping pong, billiards, a round of poker or a match of Fifa or some good old Mario on a gaming console — there was something for everyone. Playing together is also great as it is a way to get to know our colleagues from a different perspective. Competitiveness is always a factor at work as well although at Numbrs we have a culture of supporting and boosting each other’s skills rather than just winning.

Taking Our Minds Off Work

Although some of the newest projects at Numbrs are too interesting to not talk about, the Game Night primarily aims at taking our minds off the daily work stressors and just have fun together. The Game Night provides the perfect opportunity to not only chit chat with our colleagues about the newest events of their lives but also to get to know people from departments they are not in frequent contact with.

A Chance to Connect on a Personal Level

This event is especially timely as Numbrs has recently hired many new employees, which gave them the chance to get to know everyone better. While having a ton of fun playing all kinds of games, we also took breaks to sit down and relax and chat with a cold beer or a good glass of wine. The event was organised by our office management team who, as always, has done an outstanding job. Of course drinks and pizza was offered for free as usual to perfectly round off the event, where new friendships have been forged and existing relationships have advanced to new levels. This was a fun and memorable first but surely not the last Game Night here at the Numbrs Headquarters in Zurich.

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