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What will it take to save a million euros? Time to have some fun with our latest in app gadget.

Have you ever wondered whether to rent or buy, how much you could save by quitting smoking or when your monthly savings could finally make you a millionaire? Then our newest – admittedly a bit more fun than useful – Calculators could be just what you need.

Our new calculators show you exactly what something could cost you, how much you could save or when you will reach a certain financial target. And, you can even share them with your friends.

How It Works

To access our new Calculator Gadget simply tap the profile icon in the navigation bar. Once there you can find it at the bottom by ‘Extras’. Each calculator uses sliders for you to set a certain value – easy and simple. Once you’ve put in the numbers hit the ‘Calculate’ button and you’ll receive the results. Currently, the Numbrs app features the following calculators:

Help Your Friends Save Money

Remember that time, when you and your friends discussed, how much money smoking really costs you? One great thing about our calculators is the ability to share them. This way each of you can figure out exactly how much something could cost you and compare the results together. To do this simply tap the ‘Share this calculator’ button after using a calculator and send a message to any of your friends.

If you are interested in managing all your finances with one single app while enjoying our fun and convenient finance features, simply try out Numbrs. It is available on iOS as well as Android and comes for free on both systems.


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