Welcome to Our Brand New Website

In the course of our recent rebranding, we are excited to present our new website: www.numbrs.com

New Visual Design — New Website.

With the release of our new corporate design, we have also made significant visual and performance improvements to our website.

Besides our new brand identity, we have also updated the product pictures and adjusted the format so it can be nicely displayed on any device. The changes also include faster loading times for a great customer experience.

Our website has a clear focus on our product — the app Numbrs.

The new Money Store page.

The Money Store

We have renamed our “Numbrs Store” to “Money Store” to make it more clear what our users can expect when visiting our app.

Since we are offering carefully selected financial products the name now unmistakably reflects what visitors will find when browsing through the Money Store.

Numbrs provides a fully digital and easy application process for financial products. Users can apply and buy banking products without ever having to leave the app, and they receive their contract by chat.

Our website also provides detailed privacy information.

This page gives visitors an insight on what it’s like to work at Numbrs.

Focus on Design

Our users know and love Numbrs for its simplicity. Our website perfectly shows our efforts to make navigation and functionality as smooth and straightforward as possible.

“As little design as possible” is our aesthetic principle which also has a practical use by not distracting from what is essential.

Working at Numbrs

The “Open Positions” page provides visitors with all the information they need to apply for a position. You can find details on how to prepare for an interview and a live coding session here.

We are always happy to receive feedback and answer any questions — you can contact our support team at support@numbrs.com

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