The Numbrs Timeline. The benefits of the modern bank statement

The classic bank statement is a text document displaying all the transactions of a bank account as well as relevant account details. By providing bank statements, banks attend to their duty to keep their customers informed. The customers, on the other hand, have the responsibility to monitor account movements with the help of said bank statements. The bank statement can either be sent to the customer by post, be made available for print via a bank statement machine or be delivered via online or mobile banking.

Each function provided by the Numbrs App is intended to help you with managing your finances and to help you making informed decisions. Your bank statement is your most important source of information when it comes to recognising and evaluating your financial situation. For this reason, we have developed the classic bank statement further and redesigned it to be more concise. However, we did not choose to use the classic bank statement as a template, but instead took inspiration from the graphic interfaces employed by modern news services and social networks.

What information is displayed on the Numbrs Timeline?

  • Balance. The balance is the important piece of information for most users. The balance in Numbrs shows the aggregated amount available across all the accounts added to the app. Check your account balance on a certain date. The date can be the current date, a past date of your choice, or even a future date.
  • Income. Find out whether your salary was paid out correctly and punctually. Every incoming transaction will be displayed on the Numbrs Timeline.
  • Spendings. Get an overview of all your spendings. Which recipient received how much money from you and on what date? Next to your spontaneous everyday spendings, such as eating out, you can also monitor upcoming recurring charges and standing orders on the Future Timeline.
  • Details. Discover all the relevant details about each one of your account transactions and sort them by type, account number or contact information.

What benefits does the Numbrs Timeline offer?

The Timeline is at the centre of your financial management and thus the most important element of the app. Many of the Numbrs app’s functions are based on the Timeline and the information displayed there. Here are the top 5 benefits of the Numbrs Timeline:

● Mobile. Monitor your finances on the go. You want to make an impulse purchase and aren’t sure how much money you’ve got left on your account? No problem. Open the Numbrs app, check your current account balance and make your decision.

● Overview. Get an overview of all your finances in one single place. The Timeline’s design focuses on what’s essential, rather than cluttering functionality with unnecessary elements. Next to the clear design, several features make it easier to obtain a better overview of your finances. Use the advanced search function to find individual transactions by amount, date, contacts or categories. The filter function enables you to view your bank accounts separately.

● Analyse your finances. The analysis function of the Numbrs app is based on your account transactions. Your income and your spendings, for example, are thus automatically subdivided into useful categories. Find out how much money you spend on food or insurances and reach your financial goals.

● Stay informed. Numbrs offers the possibility to receive current and useful notifications about your finances. If, for example, you’ve got a standing order coming up, you will be alerted about this in advance. This will keep you up to date with all your financial matters.

● Future spendings. The Future Timeline gives you insight into your future transactions and standing orders. Monitor when your next rent is due and what effect this transaction will have on your account balance.

We will continue to expand the Timeline and its functionality. With a more precise analysis of the data, we hope to provide you with useful information and give you handy financial recommendations.

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