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The Money Store Celebrates the Postbank Giro Accounts with a Special Offer

We are excited to present our newest addition, the Postbank Giro Direkt account. Our newest offer, adds to a total of four Postbank products in the Money Store. Users can earn up to € 300 exclusively at Numbrs.

Avoid Crowded Bank and Post Branches

The Money Store is the easiest and fastest way to apply for bank products. The entire product application for, let's say a current account can be completed within minutes from your smartphone through our chat. There is no easier and faster way to apply for a bank product.

Up to € 300 for New Postbank Giro Plus Users

In October, All users who open a Postbank account for the first time through Numbrs, receive a bonus payment of € 50. Simply connect your new Postbank account to Numbrs to qualify for the reward. The offer is valid until the 31.10.18.

Users who open the Postbank Giro Plus account for the first time can earn up to € 250 from Postbank, and with the € 50 bonus from Numbrs can receive a total amount of € 300. Here are the Postbank reward Conditions:

The Postbank Giro Direkt Account in the Money Store

The Postbank Giro Direkt account is now available in the Money Store. The account joins our existing Postbank product selection, the Giro Start Direkt and Giro Plus account as well as the Postbank Privatkredit loan. The Postbank Giro Direkt account is particularly recommendable for Students and apprentices as they don’t have to pay a monthly fee.

Here are the benefits:

  • € 1.90 per month, free for students and apprentices
  • Free online and telephone banking
  • No cancelation period
  • Free Postbank card (debit card)
  • Free replacement card in case of loss
  • Free cash withdrawals at cash dispensers in the cash group (more than 10,000 dispensers)
Like Numbrs, Postbank has received awards by Focus Money. This shows us that we made the right choice to partner with Postbank and to offer its excellent products.

Postbank: A Trusted Partner
Postbank was among our first banking partners, and many users have since then applied to Postbank’s many great bank products. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Postbank and our other partners to reach our goal of offering our users the best selection of banking products.

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