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The 5 principles of Numbrs

We live in a complicated and noisy world. Almost no one can escape the increasing battle of brands and companies for our attention. The financial industry is a contributor to this noise. As a modern technology company in the financial industry, we are aware that we are a part of this world. So we ask ourselves an important question: Where does Numbrs stand? Our answer comes in 5 principles we have defined for our brand and our product.

1. One app for all your bank accounts

With the multibanking app Numbrs users can manage all their accounts, cards and credits in real time - no matter from which bank. This is our foundation: Multibanking.

2. Black on white 

Every financial decision should be based on facts. That is why we follow "black on white" – an old German saying – as a design principle for our app. Numbers and words are black, backgrounds white. This reflects the clarity and the binding nature of black ink on white paper.

3. Neutrality 

Numbrs is not a bank, it is not a comparison portal and it does not offer its own financial products. We are 100% bank independent and neutral. This enables us to support users impartially, independent of banks and without any conflict of interest.

4. Clarity 

The Numbrs app serves a purpose. Therefore, it must be easy to use and as self-explanatory as possible. We say no to flashy animations, trendy colours or nonsensical texts.

5. No noise 

Today's world increasingly appears as an indefinable confusion of forms, colours, sounds and opinions. Numbrs has decided to no longer be a part of this development. That's why we've made our website as simple and clear as possible, removed our previous posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and will question every new number and word with one goal in mind: reducing everything to the essential.


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