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The 5 Best Ways to Make Use of the Numbrs Timeline

Solid financial management always starts with a good overview. The useful features of the Numbrs Timeline make it possible for you to manage your finances faster and simpler than ever.

Here are the top 5 features of the Numbrs Timeline and how to best make use of them:

1. Everything You Need to Know on One Screen

Numbrs lets you add as many bank accounts from different banks as you want and displays all your transactions on the Timeline. This core feature lets you see all of your current, past and even future transactions in a neatly organised overview at the touch of your finger. Numbrs is unbiased because we look at raw data and use technology to give you the information and tools you need to manage your finances independently.

2. Lower Your Expenses

Sometimes it’s good to recap and take a look at your past transactions to see how you can improve your spending habits. Numbrs lets you view the period by:

By automatically categorising your bank transactions, e.g. groceries, Numbrs takes the often cumbersome task of writing down your purchases manually, off of your shoulders and on the ‘last 30 days’ view, even tells you if you’ve spent more, less or about as much as usual. This tells you instantly if you are on the right track with your expenses or if you want to spend a bit less.

3. Focus on What You Want to Know

You can filter single accounts or all your accounts at once, to only see the transactions you want. This is useful if your focus is on your daily expenses like what you’ve spent on your last groceries, and don’t need to see transactions of your savings account.

4. In Minute Detail

Looking at specific payments gives you a comprehensive picture of a single transaction, but Numbrs goes deeper. Check out the Contact Timeline and view your entire transaction history with a specific contact. This information gives you useful insights, for example, how often you went to the cinema last year and how much you’ve spent.

5. Back to the Future

If you want to make a high purchase, for instance, book a flight and hotel for your summer vacation, it is wise to be mindful of schedules payments and standing orders. Simply scroll up to see your balance with the deduction of standing orders and scheduled payments. This allows you to make smart financial decisions quickly.

Numbrs Supports — You Decide

Numbrs is here to support you in making your own financial decisions. By giving you the necessary tools, you are always on top of your finances, can reach your goals a lot faster and easier, and ultimately increase your wealth.


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