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Technion President, Professor Peretz Lavie visited Centralway Numbrs to discuss future collaboration

On Monday 4th September, Professor Peretz Lavie, the President of the Technion University visited Martin Saidler, Executive Chairman and Founder of Centralway Numbrs, at our headquarters in Zurich.

It is already the second visit of Prof. Lavie to outline a potential cooperation in the fields of Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and Blockchain. Further details of this partnership will be discussed on the campus in Haifa when Martin Saidler will visit the University at the end of this month.

Professor Peretz Lavie introduced Martin Saidler to Technions leading expertise in technology, engineering, medicine, biotechnology, satellite research, computer science, nanotechnology and energy. Because of its unique expertise multinational corporations have already established labs or research centers on or near the Technion campus in order to benefit from proximity to its students (e.g., Microsoft, HP, and Intel).

Israel’s largest and leading scientific-technological university and one of the leading centers of research in the world.

The Technion University is a science and technology research institute, among the world’s top ten, dedicated to the creation of knowledge and the development of human capital and leadership, for the advancement of the State of Israel and all humanity. Prof. Peretz Lavie, was ranked in 2012 by the Israeli national newspaper The Marker as one of the country’s most influential people. The university is cited as one of the factors behind the growth of Israel’s high-tech industry and innovation, such as the country’s Silicon Wadi.

But the Technion’s vision extends far beyond Israel. The Technion in conjunction with Cornell University, won a competition to build a massive 2.1 million square foot engineering campus on New York City’s Roosevelt Island. Officially named the “Cornell New York Tech, Home of the Technion-Cornell Institute of Innovation”; the University is already being unofficially called “The Island.”

Martin Saidler endorsed Professor Peretz Lavie’s ideas about the partnership and added that an organised and continuous exchange of information and knowledge would bring substantial benefits to both parties.

About Technion

Technion — Israel Institute of Technology, consistently ranked among the world’s top science and technology research universities, is Israel’s first university. Since its founding in 1912, the institute has educated generations of engineers, architects, and scientists who have played a key role in laying the State of Israel’s infrastructure and establishing its crucial high-tech industries.

Technion has been Israel’s primary source of technological manpower and the nation’s largest comprehensive academic center for advanced science and technology education, as well as applied research. In addition, Technion is one of only a handful of technology institutes in the world with an affiliated medical school.

Technion has an impressive record in technology transfer. Its dedicated office to bridge the transition of scientific and technological discovery to successfully commercialized innovation has been active since 2007 as T3 — Technion Technology Transfer. As of 2011, 424 patents were granted to Technion innovations, with 845 patents pending. T3’s partners include incubators, entrepreneurs, private investors, VCs and angel groups. It has strategic partnerships with MicrosoftIBMIntelPhilipsJohnson & JohnsonCoca-Cola, among others.

In 2011, a partnership between Cornell University and Technion established a new applied science institute in New York City, leading to the founding of the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute (JTCII). This is the first time an Israeli university has established a center of advanced research in the United States.

In 2013, Technion announced the establishment of the Technion–Guangdong Institute of Technology (TGIT) adjacent to Shantou University in southern China. This collaboration was made possible by a donation to Technion from the Li Ka Shing Foundation.


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