Stay on top of your finances with Numbrs: All your transactions automatically categorised

If you sometimes feel like it is hard to keep track of your spendings, then you maybe you need a tool that can instantly tell you where your hard earn money is spent. With this post we want to introduce you to the Numbrs’ automatic categorisation feature

The categorisation feature sorts every transaction automatically into its relevant category, which eliminates the tedious need for our users to do it manually.

A better understanding of your finances through categories

If you rely on coffee to get you through the day, you might be able to see all the daily transactions from your local coffee shop appearing on your timeline, but without categorisation, you will never have an overview on how much you spent drinking & eating out this month.

Link all your accounts for comprehensive insights

Our users have also quickly understood the benefit of adding all their bank accounts to Numbrs in order to get the true representation of their spending habit. Without an aggregated view of your finances, you might never know that you are spending more on clothing than you would like to. Now that you know, you might want hold off buying this new pair of sneakers you had your eyes on.

The good news is, we made it easy for you to link all your bank accounts in Numbrs. Once you have added all your accounts, head to the analysis tab, and you will be able to see your spendings for the month, with a split of your spendings by category. This way, you can easily see how you have spent your money.

Make informed decisions & create budgets to stay on track.

Once you have identified how you spend your money, we recommend using the set budget functionality as an easy way to stay on top of your spendings in a specific category. Turn on your notifications, and we will also send you a reminder if you are about to reach your limit. It’s that simple.

We have made it easy for you to monitor your spendings, so you can spend less on the things you don’t need and more on the things you really want.

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