Preparing for Coronavirus – we are switching to remote work for all employees

Unfortunately, the danger of contracting or catching the Coronavirus is ongoing. Although we have not had any cases of infection in our office yet, Numbrs has decided to put additional, precautionary measures into place. 

Like an increasing number of companies around the world, such as Google, Twitter, Amazon, UBS, ProSiebenSat1 and many more, we are implementing a mandatory home office for our entire staff, starting this Wednesday. We have set the provisional time frame to 1.5 weeks, but are currently not ruling out an extension.

As there has been no case of infection in our Zurich Headquarters so far, mandatory remote work could be seen as an extreme measure. However, to us the safety of our staff, their families as well as reducing the general risk of infection have utmost priority.

We value close teamwork on location as an important part of our company culture. In consequence, we do not see remote work as a permanent solution for our company. Nonetheless, the current situation also offers the possibility to test our technical and organisational remote work setup. Should the situation become worse, we will be ready to confront it and can resume a remote work model at any time.

The mandatory home office has come in addition to several other preventative measures to reduce the risk of the spread, which Numbrs has taken over the last few weeks. These include an obligation for all employees to inform HR of any planned or undertaken travel activities, increased deep cleaning and sanitizing in all spaces by our cleaning specialists, available disinfectants for skin and work spaces for all employees as well as regular recommendations and reminders by our office team on how to sanitize.

While several of our employees are already working remotely, a home office setup on this scale is a big change for us. Nevertheless, all relevant teams such as IT, office management and team leaders have been working together closely to prepare for this setup. We are confident that we can operate as efficiently and productively as usual.

Ultimately, our goal is to lower the probability of the spread of the Coronavirus – for us and everyone around us. We believe that we are operating out of an abundance of caution, but hope that through similar precautions by other companies and institutions, we can all contribute to contain the threat. 

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and adjust our internal policies to respond to this evolving situation on a day by day basis.

If you have any further questions on our company measures towards reducing the risk of infection with the Coronavirus you can contact our support anytime.

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