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Numbrs Partners with Santander Consumer Bank AG

Numbrs and Santander have agreed to a long-term distribution partnership. The partnership comprises a range of bank products from Santander Consumer Bank which our users will be able to apply for in the Money Store.

Santander Joins the Best Banks in the Money Store

The Santander Consumer Bank Ltd is among the top 5 retail banks in Germany as measured by the number of customers. Santander offers extensive financial services for retail and business banking customers through various channels.

Our partnership with Santander adds to the current product selection of the Money Store from renowned bank partners like Wüstenrot, Postbank, and Barclaycard, and offers our users to choose from a wider range of products.

Numbrs & Santander Aligned in the Vision to Simplify Banking

“We want our Money Store only to carry the best bank products. That’s why I am pleased that we are partnering with Santander Consumer Bank AG, one of the biggest and best-known banks.” — Founder and CEO of Numbrs Martin Saidler.

Modern banking increasingly takes place on mobile devices. This makes it all the more important for Santander to connect with customers on a mobile platform. With Numbrs, we have gained an innovative partner to offer our products on another digital channel.” — Head of Digital Banking & Strategies of Santander Mario Hohenstatt.

Apply for a Financial Product Within Minutes

Numbrs has the easiest and fastest application process for banking products. The Money Store lets you adjust preferences like the loan amount and duration, or enables you to add a credit card to your account order.

Selecting your desired product will direct you to a chat, where you’re greeted by one of our friendly Money Store Experts. They will then guide you through the application process within minutes.

You can pause the process at any time and ask the Money Store Expert about product details or other products that might better suit your demand.

No More Paperwork. No More Queues — Banking as It Should Be

Numbrs users have the advantage of completing the whole application from within the app and therefore do not have to visit a bank branch or a post office — you can complete the entire process from your smartphone. This allows Numbrs users to avoid crowded post and bank branches and frees them from the banks inflexible opening hours — we are always here for you.

Independent and Transparent

Since Numbrs is not a bank, we are not competing with any bank and therefore can offer our users a neutral selection of carefully selected bank products without favouring any specific bank. We only partner with trusted banks that offer attractive products.

Your Choice. Your Product. You Are in Control.

By providing our users with as many great banking products as possible and with the support of our highly responsive and friendly Money Store Experts, we are enabling our users to experience banking as it should be. Our highest priority is to empower people by letting them take control of their finances.

We are looking forward to our partnership with Santander and many other partnerships in the future.


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