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Numbrs Is now Available Worldwide

German bank account holders can now manage their finances with Numbrs from anywhere in the world.

Numbrs is one of the most used and renowned personal finance apps in Germany. Launched in April 2014, Numbrs today serves many Germans as their No1 finance management app. Numbrs users appreciate the functionality of the app, the great user experience and the first class quality.

Making Numbrs available for German account holders worldwide.

For some time now, we have received an increasing number of user requests to make Numbrs available internationally. This week, we have made the first step by making Numbrs available to everyone who holds a German bank account, no matter where you live. Numbrs is now available worldwide

Manage your German bank accounts from anywhere in the world.

Germany has one of the highest numbers of citizens living in other countries. Being the second-most attractive country for immigration, Germany also has 3.4 million Germans who live abroad — roughly the population of Berlin. Many of those, still have a German Bank account. They can now use Numbrs to manage all their German bank accounts. Numbrs lets you connect as many bank accounts as you want and manage all your finances from one app.

On the other hand, many people who move to Germany are still registered with their Google and Apple accounts in their native countries. For them, Numbrs was not available. As of today, anyone can download Numbrs no matter the country they are registered.

What features does Numbrs offer?

  • Multi Banking. Manage as many bank accounts as you have in a single app.
  • Timeline. With the Timeline, you can keep all your transactions, including future ones — in check. You can also filter your accounts.
  • Analysis. Plan your budgets, assign your transactions to different categories, and receive notifications.
  • Money Store. Get access to a curated selection of the best bank products on the German market and the fastest product application.
  • Notification. Receive notifications about your transactions, the status of your budgets as well as standing orders and future transactions.
  • Loyalty Cards. Connect all your loyalty cards with Numbrs and benefit from great deals without having to carry around the plastic cards.
  • Apple Watch. All your account data, Timeline functions, and notifications can also be viewed on your Apple Watch.

Our mission is to support you in managing and optimising your finances independently. We hope this change will enable more users to benefit from the many great features of Numbrs.

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