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Numbrs is Neutral – Being Bank Independent and Why It Matters

When it comes to sharing personal data with any company, to most users safety is the main concern. But there is more to the integrity of handling data than its protection. Often overlooked, is the question as to how your data will be applied. Even if it is kept 100% safe and it is not shared with third party companies without permission, your data can still be used to the one sided advantage of the entrusted company. An issue, which can apply to multibanking apps and account aggregators, too.

A Question of Trust

The concern over data usage is nothing new. As has been raised over the last two decades in regards to Google, Twitter, Facebook and others, the more user data a company holds, the better users can be targeted to receive specific ads and offers. As a consequence, a company’s value can be based on the amount and the quality of user data held. Another factor in determining the value is the useability of the data, i.e. can it be shared with third party companies or re-used to drive user purchases at a later stage, it becomes more valuable.

So when determining the trustworthiness of a service, there may be more to consider than security measures and a consensual agreement on how your data will be used. Important to understand is the long term prospect of the company. What is the business model? How is it positioned? Does a company rely on customer or user satisfaction? Or is their service simply a vehicle to drive other goals?

Numbrs Is Not a Bank

We believe that multibanking should never be done through a bank. Nor should a multi banking service become one. Customers who give their bank insight into all their finances can be influenced. With this insight the bank could, for example, try to make an unreasonable financial profit at the expense of the customer.

Numbrs is not a bank and does not offer its own financial products. We are 100% bank independent and neutral. This enables us to support users impartially, independent of banks and without any conflict of interest in the execution of their banking transactions.

More Than 30 Leading Banks and Insurers

Instead of becoming a bank and offering our own financial products, we have partnered with more than 30 leading banks and insurers to give our users access to the best financial products on the market. These products are only available through our ‘+ Money’ and ‘Insights’ feature, and only when a user may really need them. This is insured by data-driven analysis and smart algorithms, which function on a neutral basis. This way we always have and will remain bank independent and can act on one target only: our users’ best interest through the Numbrs app, available for download on iOS and Android.


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