Numbrs is designed with security at its core. – Numbrs

Numbrs is designed with security at its core.

Insight into what makes Numbrs a major leap forward in security for banking apps.

We’re committed to keeping your data safe.

Numbrs is committed to protecting users through having implemented secure technologies and processes that are designed with the primary focus of safeguarding customer data. We address security in the areas of people, process and technology, leveraging methods including encryption, deep monitoring, code review and penetration testing to keep our users’ data safer, and do so at multiple levels. The combination of these elements is what gives Numbrs its industry-leading security, without compromising the user experience.

Numbrs not only maintains a dedicated security team but has also partnered with leading international cyber security institutions to support us in making Numbrs secure. Our security specialists combined with these highly experienced partners provide cutting-edge security auditing and testing for features that are in development or already released. These partners are selected based on their proven experience providing solutions across various different industries, from hi-tech and software to biomed and education, as well as to banking and finance, government, national security, communications, e-commerce and IoT.

Numerous app security features protect the user data.

Numbrs passes the most elaborate safety tests.

In January 2018, a security test spanning several weeks was conducted on Numbrs by a specialist security lab, including evaluation of our iOS and Android platforms. The lab is operated by ex-military and intelligence services cybersecurity experts from Israel, a nation whose reputation and abilities in the area of cybersecurity is well-recognised around the world.

The tests entailed the employment of black box testing, a method of software testing that examines the functionality of an application without peering into its internal structures or workings. This approach tests the application without any prior knowledge of the system by simulating a genuine attacker that uses techniques and tools aimed at detecting security vulnerabilities to exploit them. This is a compliment to the internal white-box testing periodically performed by our internal security specialists, who analyse the code of the application and test more sophisticated and targeted attacks.

Numbrs passed the test without any issues impacting customer data. To quote the report directly:

“The overall security risk was determined to be very low. The tests concluded that Numbrs has been designed and developed with adherence to the strictest security principles. Appropriate use of cryptography is integrated into each of the in-app actions. Furthermore, the app employs secure SSL pinning, as well as message-level security with custom message format implementation. Numbrs makes comprehensive use of cryptography throughout.

Upon each login (including username and password), multiple encryption keys are generated. The database is strongly encrypted through the use of highly advanced cryptography functions. No sensitive data is stored in memory while the application is not in an active usage mode.”

Numbrs is a major leap forward in security for mobile banking apps.

Comprehensive security end-to-end and the strongest possible protection of data are two major principles for our team and our company as a whole. For this reason, these tests independently confirm to us that the Numbrs app provides the level of security that it promises.

Nevertheless, we do not plan on resting on these results. As security is our number one concern when it comes to the development of our app, we will continue to invest resources in optimising it even further.

We are actively hiring security professionals to work remotely or in our head office in Zurich — if you think you have what it takes, why not apply?

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