Numbrs insights: Data driven insights to improve your finances.

With Numbrs, our users can benefit from personalised insights on their financial situation.

What are Numbrs insights?

We know that an endless list of transactions does very little to provide you the information you need to manage your money efficiently.

This is why we have designed Numbrs insights. With visually engaging cards, we can effectively communicate financial opportunities to our users. We also make it easier for our users to take action.

Your insights are based on your transaction data. When we identify improvement opportunities or a risks to avoid, you will be notified in the home screen.

Insights are data driven and personalised for each Numbrs user.

Numbrs insights cover different areas of one’s financial health. From identifying saving and refinancing opportunities, avoiding banking fees, protecting your belongings through insurances as well as app tips to better manage your finances.

For example, imagine you have just purchased a brand new mirrorless camera. Considering how fragile and expensive these can be, it makes a lot of sense for you to insure it. That’s exactly what insights do, they identify that your purchase might need to be covered and inform you.

But insights are not limited to giving you the right information, they also help you take action. In this case you will be able to insure your purchase by tapping on the insight and easily apply for Numbrs Care, an insurance package which includes insurance for electronic products.

Numbrs Insights benefits

Numbrs insights are here to help you live a worry free financial life. They give users valuable tips on how to improve their finances based on their financial data. Ultimately, Numbrs provides you data and insights so you can make better decision.

Get Numbrs insights

To get your insights, download Numbrs or update your application with the latest version of Numbrs.

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